Supported by the Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund, the Hong Kong Baptist University Professional Journalism Fellowship (PJF@HKBU) aims to enhance the standards of the journalism industry of Hong Kong by providing an opportunity for practising journalists to take a break from work to enrich their knowledge by studying at HKBU.

PJF@HKBU is one of the strategic initiatives launched under the Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund. The HKBU School of Communication received a HK$50 million donation in 2020, the biggest single gift it has ever received, from veteran journalist Professor Raymond R Wong in support of the School’s strategic development and journalism education. The donation led to the establishment of the Dorothy Shen Wong Memorial Fund in loving memory of Professor Wong’s late wife.

Professor Raymond R Wong on AI and Journalism

 "Like everything else in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool... We should teach how to produce products, not how to produce tools... We worry too much about the technology of news, rather than the content of news... Don’t let AI control your output because AI can only come up with what you feeding to it in the first place."


  • • Full-time journalists with at least five years of journalistic experience employed by established news organizations in Hong Kong. Writers, columnists and producers who regularly contribute to Hong Kong-based news organizations are also eligible to join the programme.
  • • Applicants must be nominated by the management of the news organizations for which they work.
  • • Freelance journalists or part-time writers or producers are ineligible.

Programme Content


  • • Fellows may study at HKBU for one semester or two semesters.
  • • Fellows who enrol for one semester may begin their studies in either September or January.
  • • Fellows who enrol for two semesters shall commence their studies in September.


  • • Fellows will each be granted a stipend commensurate with their respective incomes and level of journalistic experience.

Campus Life

  • • Fellows shall register as “Visiting Students” at HKBU. They may attend any courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level as auditors, subject to quota restrictions and the discretion of the course instructors concerned.
  • • A fellow is recommended to audit four to six courses in a semester. Apart from auditing regular courses, the fellows may participate in activities organized by the School of Communication. They will also have access to on-campus learning resources and amenities including the library, learning commons and sports facilities.

 "Simple is more. Taking a break is a magic spell for a new beginning. ......
 The beauty of a quality break is beyond description, especially so for journalists. A mid-career break without being “left out” in this highly competitive industry is but a rare luxury. Thanks to the HKBU fellowship, two of SCMP’s talented rising stars -- Hong Kong news editor Denise Tsang and senior China reporter Laura Zhou have become the first lucky pair to be awarded such a sought-after back-to-campus opportunity. This is a chance not just to unplug themselves from the hectic newsroom, but in a unique way allow them to widen their horizons by embracing courses of their own choice in the academic year of 2022-23.
 ..... amid a fast changing media landscape at this challenging time."

Tammy Tam
South China Morning Post


Dominic Lau Chung Yeung
Ming Pao


The application for the 4th cohort of the HKBU Professional Journalism Fellowship will open in early 2025.
Stay tuned!

  • • A curriculum vitae
  • • A 500-word self-statement (in English or Chinese)
  • • Three works of journalism solely written and/or produced by the applicant. If the work is a team product, the applicant should state his/her role in writing or producing it.
  • • A reference letter from the applicant’s current employer expressing support of his/her enrolment and granting him/her leave of absence during the fellowship period.
  • • A signed undertaking with his/her current employer confirming the applicant’s agreement to continue to serve the same employer or contribute to the same Hong Kong-based news organizations after completing the fellowship (12 months for one-semester fellowship and 24 months for two-semester fellowship).

Selection & Obligation


  • • A selection board comprising scholars of the School and external members including representative(s) of the news industry will award the fellowships to selected applicants based on their professional achievements and potential contributions to the journalism industry in Hong Kong.


  • • Fellows must agree in writing to honour all leave agreements made with their respective employers and refrain from engaging in any paid professional work during their fellowship period, unless written permission has been granted by PJF@HKBU.
  • • Fellows are expected to participate fully in campus life during the entire period of their fellowship.
  • • Fellows are expected to share their professional experience and expertise with faculty members and students of HKBU through sharing sessions.
  • • On completing their fellowship, fellows are expected to organize a suitable event to share what they have learned through PJF@HKBU with their respective employers, colleagues and/or other media counterparts.
  • • On completing their fellowship, fellows are expected to work with or keep contributing to the news organizations which have supported their enrolment in PJF@HKBU for at least 12 months or 24 months, depending on the duration of their fellowship.

Media Coverage


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  28 Aug 2023

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