Mr. Pun Wai Lam

Associate Professor of Practice

(852) 3411 8120

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr. Pun Wai Lam received his Bachelor of Science degree and Master's degree in Journalism from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Pun has extensive experience in the journalism industry, having worked for TVB for nearly twenty years. He has held various positions including Beijing correspondent, News Editor, and Managing Editor (Digital News). Mr. Pun has also supervised the China desk in the news department, maintaining a long-term focus on mainland China's social and economic development. His coverage has included events such as the Wenchuan earthquake, multiple launches of China's manned space program, the annual National People's Congress, the 17th and 18th CCP National Congress, and international trips by Chinese leaders.
Mr. Pun served for over ten years as the anchor of TVB's "News at 6:30" and was the host of the documentary "General History of China". He has also hosted a variety of special and live broadcast programs, including Beijing military parade, the launch and landing of Shenzhou spacecraft, and interview show "On the Record". He has produced programs such as "China Review" and "Decoding Vaccine".